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Hearing loss

Hearing loss is a disorder that affects a large percentage of the population that greatly influences the capacity for socialization, communication, work and educational productivity, however, several studies have been carried out and the application of new technologies make correct

Noise-induced hearing loss refers to a gradual deterioration in hearing and can occur in one or both ears, leading to permanent hearing loss, as it is caused by prolonged exposure to high levels of noise. It is correct that many

Auditory neuropathy is characteristic for presenting a hearing deficit, fundamentally in the understanding of the word, it is a hearing disorder, the inner ear can detect sound, but it has problems with sending sound from the ear to the brain.

Hearing loss can be the result of many variables, among them it is hereditary or due to the type of life one leads. Hearing loss has been characterized by being mild, moderate, severe or profound, it can affect one or